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Friday, September 28th 2012 Culture

When I travel around the world, as I am walking down the streets, smiling to whomever locks eyes with me, I get different reactions, some make me really happy, others make me wonder what kind of false information have they been fed by the media?

As a Saudi female, I get a lot of questions about my freedom at home, is it true that you cannot do anything without a male guardian? Is it true that you cannot go outside of home and do something on your own? Is it true? Is it true? is it true?

The media’s influence is very strong, that people tend to judge others without bothering to get to know them. I’ll give you some examples: There are the African-Americans, mostly portrayed as troubled people, thieves and criminals, when in reality, most of them are law-abiding, family oriented and honest people. Asians are always looked at as very serious and intellectual people, while they might be intellectual, but very friendly and down to earth. Mexicans and Latin Americas are mostly judged and looked at as drug dealers, they however dismiss the goodness of their hearts. British people would be considered as tacky and rough, but how can we forget their class and charm? Americans are mostly stereotyped as uneducated, ignorant and live in another planet from the rest of the world, while they are perhaps the most friendly people you could ever meet.

Every society has its bad and good side, but people still cannot process this fact. Is judging a person by its society the right thing to do when meeting a new person? Why do people assume the worse from others? Has the world really turned to a world full of hatred? They say you should not judge a book by its cover. I would say, open that book, smile to it, connect and we can have peace in this world.

Thank you Abe, Zoly, Layan, Lama, Katie and Ashley. :)

Shifaa – 28/09/2012


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