Before it’s Too Late!

Friday, October 19th 2012 Health, Life

When you are out in public, it is natural to see a scene of smokers in a cafe or gathered outside of a shopping mall to waste moments of their lives smoking. According to the World Health Organization, Tobacco kills around 6 million people a year, and it is expected to kill around 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million people in 2030.

The first thing happens when you light up a cigarette and inhale, the Nicotine reaches your brain in 10 seconds, only 10 seconds, causing the brain to produce some chemicals that will make you feel good and gives you a surge of adrenaline, blood pressure and heart rate. BUT, the moment its effect wears off, you will feel much worse than before, which leads to another cigarette to smoke. The Carbon Monoxide, a poisonous chemical, decreases the amount of oxygen in your blood which will affect your body organs, including your heart. The Tar which contains poisonous substance, will affect the tiny hairs on your lungs, which usually protect your lungs from infections and dirt, when it is covered with tar, it will stop doing its job. I’ll give you some space here for your imagination.

People around smokers, known as (Secondhand Smokers) will be affected so much that it might even lead them to Cancer. A cigarette contains around 4000 chemicals, 60 of them are cancer agents. Children are the most affected secondhand smokers, it would lead to a lot of infections and mostly asthma. If a pregnant woman smokes, or lives around people who do, it will cause a low birth-weight babies. It might also cause a sudden infant death syndrome, if you are smoking around a new born.

If these reasons did not convince you enough to quit smoking, think about the amount of money you spend on cigarettes. An average smoker would spend around $2,548 a year. If money does not matter to you, think about the people around you, your loved ones! Are you willing to leave this life without being there for them? Are you willing to leave a parent-less child behind? Are you willing to not see your own kid graduating from school? Going to college? Having a career? Getting married? Having your grandchild? Are you?


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