Are You in The Right Place?

Friday, November 30th 2012 Life

After long years of education, the journey of job hunting begins. After submitting your resume to all kinds of opportunities, you start your career to build your new life in the society.


The years go by while you are struggling to make money to live your life. “I’m so sick of my job!” a statement you usually hear from almost everyone around you. Is it really that hard? Are you really unhappy? What are the reasons?


The first reason almost everybody have on common is: You’re in it for the money. A good salary is very important, after all you do have bills and rent to pay, and to live. Having a huge salary is very tempting but consuming. The second reason would probably be: You’re in it for the fame. Fame never last, it is a phase that might take you places, but it never does last. The third reasons would be: You don’t want to risk it! You find yourself a safe job, with great health insurance for you and your family, but you do not benefit much from it intellectually nor in your career.


Harvey MacKay, a well known business man and a columnist, once said: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Finding that special something you love, and you will never have that feeling of struggle to move on with your life journey.


You are probably thinking “I need to struggle to get the money and I need this boring job!” But, think about everything around you, think about your priorities in life, about the close people around you. Think about yourself, work hard and earn money, but do not be sucked in, you might lose your dreams.


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