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Friday, April 5th 2013 Entertaintment, Life, Writing

As a fresh freelancer, I have done a lot of research to start my career as a Copywriter. I have read a lot of articles to understand what it needs to be done. I want to share some tips with you, hoping it might help to build your career.
The first thing you need to fully grasp is the fact that it is not an easy decision to be your own boss, especially if you are in charge of a home and its expenses. Do not leave your job until you have enough clients to work with. Spread the word out there about yourself. Networking is very important. The social media opened a huge door for everybody. Create a Facebook account, if you do not own one already. Create a Twitter account. Search for others in your field, connect with them and learn from their experiences. Look up for any kind of training that will benefit you. Once you get a project, work as hard as you can for your client to come back to you with new projects.

When it comes to payment, do not underestimate yourself. Do not work cheap, but be reasonable. Set up a work policy. Do you want to work per hour or per project? It is up to you.  Highlight the kind of services you provide. When a new client contacts you, make sure to send him a quote of the costs. Ask for an upfront payment, a 25% would sound reasonable for you and the client, but it is up to you at the end. Editing, weekend and urgent work cost extra. Once you have everything set up, you are ready to go.
Remember that you are talented. If a client was not impressed with your work, this does not mean the end for you. Always work hard to improve yourself. Read about your field, join groups and forums that will help you to be better. Ask for help, it is not a shame to ask for help, it means you are learning and advancing.


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