Begging For Life

Saturday, June 8th 2013 Culture, Life

This phenomenon been spreading so fast across Saudi Arabia, especially in big cities like Jeddah and Makkah. Who are these people, why do they beg for money, and what can we do about it?


According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, the big majority of beggars are of none Saudis who came to Saudi Arabia for Umra or Hajj and did not return home. The minority are Saudis who lost hope in finding a job to live or took this easy road to gain money instead of working a sweat.


I have watched different TV reports discussing this issue and almost all reports agree with the fact that those beggars take advantage of people’s kindness and Islam’s view of charity.


What can we do you ask? You can do a lot! In my opinion, the first step is not to encourage them and actually hand over money so easily. Your money should not be wasted on someone who’s going to use it to beg for more instead of looking for a job. Use your money in a project that will help the unemployed to find work or the poor to aid them through their lives. Talk with those who beg if you can, advice them to actually stop living this way.


I am sure you are wondering, what about the disabled? What if they cannot actually work? They are children who were abandon by their parents! Authorities are in charge in this situation, get in touch with them and they will hopefully take care of them.


I have found an idea from Mr. Mark Lee, a writer at, saying:


“A charity (say Shelter) would produce Help the homeless cards (credit card size) and provide these to donors. Donors would then give the cards to beggars when they encounter them. The cards would contain a freephone number and a simple map of how to find the local shelter/soup kitchen or whatever the charity chooses as it’s way of helping the beggars.”

I really do not know if this would work in our society, streets and resources, but at least it is an idea to offer help to those who need it.


  1. On Saturday, June 8th 2013 Munirah said:

    It is so sad that a country supposedly following the sunnah of giving aid to the poor, has sunk so low as to turn a blind eye to the poor people of their country. If someone begs, open your purse and your pockets to give freely in charity to the needy. Perhaps out of your kindness, one day, Allah will reward you or the person may turn to Allah to pray for you for your kindness and charity and in turn, Allah will protect you from the the hellfire. Why do you have to ask why a person is in need, or question his being poor? A good heart gives without expecting anything in return. A bad heart asks questions and is selfish.

    Allah is the one who gives the rizq and is the one who can take it away from the miserly who refuse to open their purses to the poor or who look down at the poor and think they are better than those people. We are all human and Allah is the only one to give us our status in life whether good or bad, rich or poor. Do not be fooled by your money and comforts of this world. Your arrogance is hardly charming. The saddest part of all is that many people do not even realize that this act of questioning the poor and looking down on them is a sin and they do this out of ignorance and arrogance. Allah protect and save us from wrong attitudes and this great sin and blackness of the heart.

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