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Cancer is the infamous disease that has been taking away loved ones from us. They fought and fought, some did survive, others left us. In this post, I will hopefully spread some awareness about this disease.

What is Cancer? Cancer is a condition when abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through blood and the lymph system.

The causes of cancer need books to be explained, but I am going to list some of the most common causes. Tobacco products or smoking is one of the most dangerous causes for cancer. Sadly, not only people who smoke can be affected by it, but also people around them (Secondhand Smokers). Radiation as well is a really dangerous cause of cancer. Cell Phones is considered a cancer risk, it discharges a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be absorbed by tissues to where the phone ends. That is why it is advised to use it only when in need. Other forms of radiation are of accidents at nuclear power plants and magnetic fields. A lot of viruses could actually lead to having cancer, viruses like HIV, HPV and Hepatitis C. Also, family history of cancer is a cancer risk. Other causes of cancer could be in a lot of things we do or use in a daily bases. Hair Dyes, types of food that includes some dangerous chemicals like Acrylamide especially high levels in chips and French fries, Artificial sweeteners, Fluoridated water, products that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfat which produces foam in (soaps, toothpastes and shampoos), and many many more.

There are a lot of things to keep us safe from getting this nightmare of a disease. First and for most, being careful is the most important thing. I am not saying that you should lock yourself at home and not live your life! I am saying that you need to be cautious and take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, do not use pain killers for a long time without a doctor’s prescription, if your family have a history of cancer, get yourself checked. You can also eat types of food that contains Antioxidant, something like Carrot, Tomato, Olives, Egg Plant, almost all kinds of berries, Raspberry, Blackberry (not the phone!), Strawberry, Red Beans and Black Beans.

How can you tell if you had Cancer? Most of tumors are hard to be discovered without a doctor’s check up, but some can be discovered at home, such as Breast Cancer, you would feel some growth in your breast. If you have some skin changes, you might want to visit a doctor to make sure it is not Skin Cancer. And just to be sure, a regular doctor check ups is highly recommended!

It is so frightening how cancer has spread a lot lately, it took both of my parents, but I am not losing faith on finding a cure. All you could do is take care of yourself, never lose hope and you will live a healthy life.

The following list are of groups that support Cancer patients and Cancer research, take a look and be safe!

Stand Up To Cancer National Cancer Institute Cancer Research UK American Cancer Society Cancer Research Intitute  Cervical Cancer Awareness Month


  1. On Friday, January 11th 2013 Katy said:

    Great post full of good honest information. xxx lots of love xxx

  2. On Friday, January 11th 2013 Spontaneous Cure » Stay Healthy and Live Safely said:

    […] Cancer is a type of cancer that originates from breast tissue from the inner lining of milk duct, this type of Cancer is known […]

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