Comedy Week

Tuesday, May 21st 2013 Culture, Entertaintment

Comedy Week


The 19th of May marks the first day of Comedy Week on YouTube. People all over the world is going to enjoy a fun ride full of  jokes and laughter. A Comedy Week is featuring different channels that will be spreading laughter with their uploaded videos. For the first time, the Middle East and North Africa will be joining this celebration, and they are going to do a great job at it.


Jeddah Comedy Club is one of the channels that will be featured in this week. JDC was created by Yaser Bakr, a blogger and a standup comedian, in association with a lot of other comedians. What they basically do is run 2 auditions and 2 shows per month. Their shows are held in the Society of Culture and Art Theater in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Each show presents 5 new talents, or members of the club, and the main star of the night. Their first show was on the 29th of November, 2012 and I was lucky enough to attend the first show, it was a different experience, the organizing was good, the talents were great, and we laughed our hearts out. I have tried to get in touch with the organizers for an interview to display the club to the outside world, sadly, did not get a response. Oh well, I laughed and moved on.


Go to YouTube and search for “Comedy Week”, enjoy the talents and have a good laugh.  Peace.


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