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Tuesday, October 8th 2013 Health, Life

October is the month of awareness for Breast Cancer, and we all know how this disease has spread vastly between females and a lot are dismissing the fact that they might actually have it. In this post, I would like to share an important message that could change your prospective on life.


What is Breast Cancer? What are the symptoms? How can you prevent it? And How can you help?


Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that originates from breast tissue from the inner lining of milk duct, this type of Cancer is known as Ductal Carcinomas, or from the lobules which supply the ducts with milk, this type is known as Lobular Carcinomas. Breast Cancer can occur to both Women and Men, although it’s 100 times more common in Woman than Men. The common Men Breast Cancer is Ductal Carcinomas, the Lobular Carcinomas is extremely rare since male breast tissue does not contain lobules.


Breast Cancer goes through stages, 0,1,2,3 and 4. If it was caught by Stage 0 or 1 there is 5 year survival rate. It is important to understand that a regular check up could save your life! There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year (2008, WHO), having a regular check every month and knowing what is going on with your body could save your life.

The age factor is very important, if you are over 40, it is highly recommended to do a yearly mammogram check. If you are between 20-30 years old, a regular doctor check is recommended. If you are around 20, a home test will do. Additionally, if your family has a history of Cancer, doctor check ups should not be avoided.


So what should you do to prevent Breast Cancer? You need to keep yourself safe first, I would recommend that you must have your own doctor to go back to, someone that knows your medical history, who you feel comfortable with in case of anything comes your way. Also, try to lose your bra every now and then, let your breast breath for a bit. In addition to all of that, you should check your Vitamin D levels, take good care of your sleeping habits, eat healthy food,avoid being overweight and work out, when you keep all of this on track, your hormones will be stable and you will help prevent Cancer from going through.


When Breast Cancer advance in stages, you will notice some symptoms, the most common one is a lump, almost 80% of  Breast Cancer cases are when women discover a lump in their breast tissue and sometimes under their armpit. Symptoms may also include change of skin color or texture, skin dimpling, change of how the nipple looks or an actual bleeding from the nipple. For more information on how to do a self check, please visit this website, and  remember, never lose hope and fight for your live no matter what!


You can help by spreading awareness to everyone around you, do not be shy about this, you can actually save someone by a simple advice. Lastly, Stay Healthy and Live Safely.


Thank you Zuhoor and Abdullah for your major help.


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