5 Reasons To Use The Stairs

Thursday, June 27th 2013 Health

I know I know, us lazy people would think why would I waste my time and effort to climb up the stairs when there are things out there called elevators “lifts for UK readers” that will help you reach your destination with ease? Think of it this way: “Am I climbing a 20 floor building or is my destination the 3rd floor?”


I’ll cut to the chase, the following are good reasons to use the stairs instead of the machine:


  1. It is a free workout: You can burn up to 10 calories a minute when using the stairs. With time, it will help you breathe better and get more fit. It will also help your legs, thighs and increase your phone density. It will simply help you maintain a good healthy life.
  2. It relieves stress and pressure: You will feel more relaxed while climbing up leaving all of your worries behind and relaxing for while. This will also gives you more time to think.
  3. It is a chance to meet new people: So you’re going up the stairs, taking your time, then you meet someone on the way, you start a conversation and BOOM! You have a new acquaintance, perhaps later a good friend.
  4. It helps to boost your confidence: Can I make it up there? YES I CAN! Once you reach your destination, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment, especially if it were 10 floors or more.
  5. It is good for the environment: When you use the stairs, you will be using the energy stored in your body instead of the energy used to power up an elevator (lift), which will reflect on the environment.


Going down the stairs have a good effect on your body in so many ways as well, the difference is that the gravity does most of the work for you. Once you have this as a habit, you will be doing it almost automatically like driving a car.


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