Ramadan Not So Mubarak!

Wednesday, July 24th 2013 Culture, Islam

Today is the 15th of Ramadan, 1434, Happy Late Ramadan, just wanted to wish my Muslim readers a blessed month. May Allah help you all in fasting and bless your souls.


During the month of Ramadan, I have noticed that the media takes advantage of this month in a horrible matter. Let’s start with most TV Shows and Series. All of humanities worse manners are the basic idea and plot of Ramadan series. Sex, drugs and alcohol with an Arabic twist. Do they really share a phenomenon then try to solve it? No, most of what they do is simply share. Then there is TV and Radio Quizzes Shows (Fawazeer), they mock the audience’s intelligence, they do not really use such shows to benefit the audience with useful information, they would simply push the right answer your way. One last pickle I would love to share with you all is about Musicians. Their whole Music career is so low, but in Ramadan they find the guiding light and release a Ramadan song, for their faith of course *coughmoneycough*.


Before I let you go, I would love to thank a lot of TV Shows out there that have a good message to deliver and feed us with great life lessons. Thank you so much.


Enjoy the last two weeks of Ramadan, be good to yourself, use these days for the benefit of your future and after life and have a happy Eid.




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