Road Rage!

Friday, November 9th 2012 Culture, Life

My husband and I were driving back home from a long day when suddenly, a guy was running in front of us crossing over, and my heart stopped; thinking that we actually hit him. The guy reached the other side in one piece, but my heart was still in shock from what happened. According to the World Health Organization, around 3,500 people lose their lives on the world’s roads daily, and 1.3 million people annually. Road accidents are predicted to be the 5th cause of death by the year 2030.

One of the causes for road accidents is Reckless Driving. Let me tell you something, I do not drive, but if I ever did, I might see a shrink on a daily bases. Most reckless drivers think it is their right to drive in such way, not caring about the other cars around them, nor people crossing over. Others actually like to show off their brand new car with their “Oh So Great!” moves, and what upsets me the most when someone runs a red light or a stop sign, you’re just asking for it!. Other causes include Distracted Driving; with the wide range of Social Media, most drivers are distracted with tweeting and checking their email, and forget the fact that they are driving. Some people’s imaginations would travel to the movie “Fast and Furious” and decides it is fun to join a street race without taking any precautions, simply a ticket to their death. Speaking of races, let’s not forget about those who go over the speed limit while driving, those limits were put out there for a reason, mainly so the driver would have a quick reaction if anything prevented his way. Other causes would include: Drunk driving, Driving under the affect of Drugs, Potholes and many natural causes like (rain, snow, ice, fog …. etc).

Let us give the drives some air to breathe and focus the lights on the “Walkers“. The most important thing when crossing over is checking if there are cars passing by if you are crossing a small street. Second to that, when crossing a main street, jaywalking is simply a horrible idea, crosswalks were designed to prevent accidents and organize the traffic. A lot of law suits would be lost if you got into an accident jaywalking.

When driving, following the rules is an important thing. You might think that a lot out there are actually not following the rules so why would you! This should change! Start with yourself, always fasten your seat belt, do not run red lights, cross over carefully and you’ll hopefully avoid such a horrible way of dying.


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