Dear 90’s

Friday, October 12th 2012 90s, Childhood, Life

If you were born at the end of the 80’s, you probably had a pleasant childhood when the 90’s began. Don’t you just miss those days? With today’s technology, people forgot how fun it is to stay offline and do something that will entertain you in all aspects. I want to take you down your memory lane and share the best games, shows and toys that we enjoyed the most.

The first toy anyone could enjoy is a basic Lego to build whatever you have in your mind, houses, horses, guns or even people, it is an endless joy to all ages. Next to that, as a girl, I remember very clearly the Barbie dolls that I used to play with, even though some of them were missing an arm or a leg, it was a world of none stop pleasure for me. Dressing them up, having tea parties or even giving them a bath, it was a beautiful world of wild imaginations. Can anyone remember the “Tamagotchi“? This toy was a huge hit back then. Basically it is a digital pet, you have to feed, dress, bathe and entertain, otherwise it will end up dead. I remember how we used to show it off to our classmates and how we used to get caught, because somehow it was not allowed to attend class with us. You would be lying if you have never enjoyed a simple toy like the Floating Fish, the thrill you get from playing and catching a fish was simply amazing.

Do you remember the first computer game you have played and actually enjoyed? Doom. This game gave me a lot of excitement with only running around with a gun in your hand and shooting every monster you see on sight. And of course there was Solitaire, Free Cell, Hearts and Minesweeper. Then, there was the oldest Nintendo that I  can remember (Family Computer) with a 100 and something games stored for your pleasure including Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man. Also, I cannot forget to mention the none stop hours we spent playing Sonic on Sega! Later on, the Play-Station world has appeared with a lot of breathtaking games such as: Crash, Tekken, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. (Yes, I used to play all of those games, still do!!).

Whenever I turn on the TV nowadays and start watching some cartoons, it is so sad to see most of them with horrible story lines but catchy graphics. It simply does not give any lessons to the kid who probably spend most of his time watching TV. I remember the old days of cartoons and the lessons and ethics we learn with every episode. There was the Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, The Looney Toones and Bionic Six. Additionally, there was the Japaneses animated series which was full of creativity that expanded our horizon. There was UFO Robot Grendizer, Future Boy Conan, Treasure Island, Sanshiro, Sally, Lady Lady and many more. I remember the sense of adventure and true friendship in all of them! Why can’t they produce something like this anymore?

As we grew older, our interest grew wider. We were introduced to the best sitcoms of the American television. We used to gather around in front of the TV to watch a new episode of Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Later on, the Disney channel was launched and we were introduced to the teenage world of Boy Meets World, Smart Guy, Lizzie McGuire and my personal favorite, Even Stevens. These shows taught us that if you believed in something, it will come true as long as you do your best and believe in yourself. It also taught us that life does not revolve around one person only, and how important it is to surround yourself with loved ones.

I miss how simple life was. How small things mattered. How much fun we used to have by going out for a picnic. The joy of a new book your parent would buy for you. The special time you spend talking and dreaming and doing.


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