Oh Sandy!

Friday, November 2nd 2012 Culture, Life

Few days ago, the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States was hit by a Tropical Cyclone known as “Hurricane Sandy“. The hurricane devolved from the Caribbean, starting slow then grew stronger and stronger until it became a tropical storm, and only in 6 hours. It moved slowly toward the north, and after two days it has turned into a hurricane. It made its landfall in Jamaica, then moving farther north, re-entered water and made its landfall in Cuba this time. During evening in the same day, it has slowed down but kept moving up north passing by the Bahamas. In the next few days it has restrengthened and made its way to the U.S. and made its final landfall in New Jersey affecting at least 24 states.

According to The Guardian, around 133 people have lost their lives from this terrifying hurricane. Most of the loses were Officials in the middle of duty. Some were drowned, others were hit by trees and some in car accidents. People’s reactions all over the world differed, some were grieving the losses, others were happy to see the United States suffering.

Seeing happy reactions made me wonder, what are they really thinking? Are they that disparate that they lost their humanity? Did they really forget that we are all the same and such evens could actually happen to anyone at any given time? I just could not believe people still think this way.

On the other side, some people started spreading fake pictures of how enormous the hurricane is. Apparently sharks been swimming up the stream, between houses. The Statue of Liberty was almost run down by the waves, they failed to mention that the picture is actually from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. The funniest one is, for me anyways, is a picture of the hurricane from an upper view, where you could see the word “Allah” very clearly, apparently the picture is photo-shopped and was not even hurricane Sandy!

Disasters happen everywhere, some face disasters almost every day. What we can do, as humans, is help the needed and pray that we stay safe and sound for the sake of Humanity.


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