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Women driving in Saudi Arabia has been a huge issue and been talked about almost endlessly. As a female in Saudi Arabia, I have been through a lot of difficulties when it comes to mobilities from one place to another, no matter how long or short the drive is. If you want to visit a near by place by foot, most people on the street will see you as an odd object moving around. If you took a taxi, people on cars around you might give you disgusted looks or guys will take it as a big chance to flirt and chase you.

Ever since I have started working, and while my husband been away for work, I have been going through a hard time finding a decent driver. I took taxis, private drivers, random drivers, and and and, wasted some money so I can reach work and return home. It made me wonder, why can’t we have a decent way of mobilizing? Why can’t we drive to reach our destinations in peace? A lot of people would see women driving as part of luxury, but a lot of women want to drive because they NEED to, not because they want to show off.

The other question is, why can’t we have other types of transportation? Yes, we have buses, but honestly have you been there? Do they arrive on time? We could do this. We have the resources. We have the will. Why can’t we put some effort and be organized? Almost every country has more than one way for transportation.

I understand that a lot of you believe that in order for women to drive, people need to follow the rules of driving first. I completely agree. If you do not start with yourself and start following traffic rules, we can never reach having a peaceful society.


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    I forgot to add that the books that accompanied the American Girl dolls and a little book on Western outlaws and sheriffs (was raised in Kansas for a bit), also shaped my interest in history.

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